Worksite logistics

Mobile logistic unit

We have permanent worksites at many facilities. To be as independent as possible, each worksite has its own offices, warehouse, workshop for prefabrication and a garage. The site manager has the job of supervising work and organising site personnel, knowing he can count on a great team. If an emergency arises or in the case of big jobs that are outside normal servicing routine, the foreman informs management if more means and personnel are needed which can , if required, be transferred from other sites, dealing quickly and accurately with all exceptional requests.

Mobile technical office

If ever the occasion arises where we are called to work on sites we do not normally work at, or In the event of significant turnarounds where logistics are not enough to manage the personnel involved, we have designed and built mobile units (offices, locker rooms and workshops) that let us set up an independent and efficient worksite in just a few hours.

Mobile worksites

Mobile Workshop
Container incorporated in a trailer and fitted out as a workshop for maintenance work, new jobs, plant turnarounds. With the external covering positioned and set up, we have 140 square metres to work in. Furnished with machinery and equipment.
Setting up time: 3 hours.

Mobile Technical Office
Extendable container incorporated in a trailer and fitted out as a technical office for temporary worksites, plant turnarounds, new jobs. In position it takes up 50 square metres. Inside are instruments for work, a locker room, bathrooms and air conditioning to guarantee maximum comfort to worksite foremen.
Setting up time: 2 hours.

Mobile Logistic Unit
Extendable isothermal container, incorporated in a trailer and fitted out as a locker room for maintenance and plant turnarounds. Once in position this unit covers an area of 175 square metres. Inside are bathrooms, air conditioning and an attendance record to guarantee maximum comfort to 140 workers.This unit is also fitted with an element that contains wash basins and showers.
Setting up time: 3 hours.

Permanent worksites

To meet the customer’s needs, our worksites are completely autonomous with offices, locker rooms, workshop and a garage. All the necessary equipment and means for normal site activities are kept on these worksites.