Plants Erection

We also manage to put our ideas and beliefs into practice in this sector too. Investments of capital and skilled technicians and being there, with some of the most important European industrial sites, keeps our structure working all the time which, in turn, lets us constantly invest in high tech equipment and provide our technicians with regular refresher courses. Welding is of paramount importance to us too.

Assembly New Chimney in Refinery

Prefabrication and mounting af a flue duct

Pipe-line Venice Mantova; meter installation

Cut the top and replacing internal parts of a column in a food plant

Cutting and removal Chimney in Refinery

Green Refinery Project

Plants Revamping

Construction and assembly plant SULPHUR RECOVERY

Construction and assembly plant STABILIZATION FUEL SPLITTER

Construction and assembly plant AMINES

Prefabrication and replacing the top of a tank