Chemical cleaning

Chemical washing / pickling / descaling of heat exchangers and equipment.
We perform work of chemical cleaning with mobile units or at our headquarters

Tank for chemical washing.
It is equipped with pumps, valves and stainless steel accessories. It allows you to perform chemical washing / pickling of large-sized, closed-circuit equipment with active carbon vent. The tank is equipped with electric heating elements and steam coil for product heating

Chemical washing with sulfamic acid of a heat exchanger. Pickling was performed by forced circulation of sulfamic acid and corrosion inhibitor in solution, at a temperature of 45 ° C. Final inertization with sodium carbonate and dispersing and penetrating agent.

Exchanger pickling, chemical washing of the external side of the pipes for the elimination of calcium carbonate residues.


Chemical washing of pipes, internal surface treatment for passivation.

Chemical washing inside boilers and convective, smoke and water side.


  • Cleaning tanks
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Industrial high pressure washing
  • Exchangers with high pressure washing robot
  • Internal high pressure washing tanks
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Heat exchangers bundle washing
  • Hydrodynamic high-pressure condensers
  • nonin of heat exchangers
  • Turnaround service
  • Truck monted bundle extractor
  • Aerial tube bundle extractor
  • Extraction and transport of heat exchangers tube bundles
  • Very high pressure industrial washing cleaning