Heat exchanger Tube Bundle Extractor

Rental service of products for the extraction and transport of tube bundles

With Aerial Tube Bundle Extractor, Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor and Bundle Transporter, we are able to extract, transport and re-insert bundles without having to use the usual straps and steel cables that would damage the bundles during such work.

We were the first

April 1990 – Extraction test

April 1990
The first bundle extractor mounted on trucks, designed and built in our workshop

Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor

A completely self-contained heat exchanger bundle extractor. This machine is the result of technological development of the overhead axtractor and works without a crane truck. In fact the extractor is moved around on a truck equipped with a lifting tower for problem-free work up to a height of 7.5 metres. This equipment does have a limited working height but operating times are reduced even up to 70% compared to the overhead extractor.

Technical data:

  • maximum working height: 7.200 mm
  • max. capacity at 7,2 mt: up to 20 Tons
  • max. capacity at 0,5 mt: un to 35 Tons
  • max. outside diameter: mm 1.800
  • maximum bundle lenght : 8.500 mm
  • maximum pull-out speed: 3 mt/min.
  • tractive force for extract: max 40 tons
  • BI-Side possibility extraction

Extracting a Bundle

At this point you can decide whether or not to transport the bundle directly with the extractor. If, on the other hand, you wish to free the extractor so work can continue, simply move the slides down to the ground where one of our Transporters will pick the bundle up and take it directly to the washing area. To put the bundles back in place, all the same operations are carried but in reverse order. There is one difference though, you can at last work with exchangers that have been perfectly cleaned by our robots.

Aerial tube bundle extractor

Extractor for heat exchanger bundles handled by a crane truck. The crane’s sole function is to support the weight of the extractor and bundle; in fact, the extractor has been designed with all the functions to carry out the jobs automatically and in maximum safety. This extractor drastically reduces the time needed to extract the bundle and to put it back.

Technical data :

  • maximum capacity: up to 40 Tons
  • maximum bundle diameter (tube plate): 1,800 mm
  • maximum bundle length: 10.500 mm
  • tractive force for extraction: max 80 tons
  • number of people required: 2 + crane truck


  • Truck mounted budle extractor
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  • Hydraulic heat exchanger bundle extractor
  • Aerial tube bundle extractor
  • Extraction and transport of heat exchangers tube bundles
  • Heat Exchanger maintenance service
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